Leland Leard, My Audiophile Doppelganger

At recent hi-fi shows, you see, it has been said that Music Hall's Leland Leard shares with me a few things and traits. Though I have tried, like O.J., to outrun these claims, I have not completely succeeded. As it turns out, even when I am not at the hi-fi shows, my name is vulnerable to assault.

Rosemarie Torcivia, our sales coordinator, registered me for CEDIA. This was a small mistake. Though I would have liked to check out all the new gear, meet with industry people, perhaps catch a Rockies game, maybe crash a few parties, I, in fact, was here in the office, enjoying the show through my computer screen. Little did I know, however, that Leland caught up with Rosemarie, who happened to have my press badge.

They decided it would be fun for Leland to pose as me. Scoundrels!