AudioPrism Lives!

I was delighted to discover that AudioPrism, originators of the infamous green pen (aka the AudioPrism CD Stoplight), is still in business. For newbies who do not know about the green pen, Collett and those who reviewed it shook skeptics to the core when they declared that painting the edge of CDs with the green pen lowered digital edge and improved data retrieval. The backlash was tremendous. Then Krell began bathing its CD tray in green light, some people found that green-tinted CD-Rs and then black discs sounded better, CD mats with green undersides made a demonstrable improvement in sound, and the skepticism was transferred to the next tweak on the horizon.

(The first time I tried the green pen, and heard the difference, I decided to save just a little money by purchasing a similar pen from an art supply store. Not only did it lack the little indent in its felt tip that keeps the pen from sliding all over the place—I made a mess of things - but it also left a sticky residue on the CD that messed up my player. So much for cost-cutting measures).

Byron Collett was eager to show the company's newest product, Ground Control. These little strips, terminated with a spade lug, are said to contain 150 feet of wire. Byron said to hang one from the negative terminal of each speaker, and listen to the difference. (I'll be trying them once I finish all my blogs).

Other Ground Controls are designed for electronics. The full range of AudioPrism products is available from a host of dealers plus the leading mail-order companies.

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Did it shake skeptics to their core, or believers?

"I was delighted to discover that AudioPrism, originators of the infamous green pen (aka the AudioPrism CD Stoplight), is still in business."

Why would this be a discovery? Not using the pen any more?


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Hi. Since I now play CDs on the PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport, I haven't felt the need. Before that, I was using the Marigo Signature CD Mat (V2), which seemed to take care of things just fine.

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Does it not make a difference with that transport?

With the mat, did you notice the added mass of a CD mat taking anything away from the sound as the motor had to deal with non-spec spinning mass? Did the antistatic properties of the mat become moot (mute?) :)

I like to watch the lifespan of tweaks...they seem to fade away over time as certain aspects of their promise "fade away." I suspect the uproar died down when their proponents started to forget to use them.

I've noticed all the high end music CD producer seem satisfied with plain old aluminum, too.

Now, it seems we are in the era of the thimble/bowl tweaks.

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Me too Jason! I have purchased many of AudioPrisms products only to be fully satisfied with their performance. Great stuff.

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Buddha. The PS Audio PWT is not a regular transport, since it reads the CD into memory. It's a whole different ball game. When I play Theta Compli-Blu SE, I use the Marigo mat. As in my former Theta Carmen II transport, there it makes a major difference.I know that some people see so-called tweaks and cables as flavors of the day. I prefer to look at the diet as a whole, and partake when it serves the entire gestalt of sound reproduction. My Shakti Hallographs, Stein Harmonizers, Synergistic ART, and a combination of Cerapucs and Stillpoints are staples in my system, not condiments I sprinkle on when the taste is flat.

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I appreciate the reply! Part of me remains in the Sam Tellig camp regarding many "audiophile treatments," if you recall his quote.

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This is the reason Stereophile is the laughing stock of the audio world.Jason Victor Serinus would review a magic goldfish if someone said it improved the sound. Sad, sad little man.

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"This is the reason Stereophile is the laughing stock of the audio world."Ah David L., if you actually read the magazine. . . please note that Stereophile has more subscribers than TAS, HiFi+, and Hi-Fi Critic, and Hi-Fi News combined. Perhaps we are doing something right?

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So JA you've cornered the "idiot" market hooray!

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Gratuitous ad hominem attacks, in this gay little man's opinion, say far more about the poster than anything else. They are best viewed through a mirror that reflects the source. Adjectives employed in such attacks are especially revealing. No tweaks necessary to see and hear it for what it is.

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The truth hurts doesn't it? Stop playing the "gay" card already okay, we're all adults here.You stated yourself on the forums that you never used a power cord or cable that didn't change the sound in a system, yet you say DBT are a falsehood. Now that's crazy talk. You have a whistle therapy business and call me out for being truthful.Wow, how come May Belt isn't teaming up with you on reviews? Tell me how you weed out the real from the crazy tweaks by the way? Just curious.

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Hiya David, you flame-baiting jackass. I happen to have met and spent some time with Jason when I worked at a great little Bay Area hifi shop that was hosting a public demonstration and he is quite passionate about both hifi and whistling and it is that passion that drives folks to test the limits of what is known, often through gleeful experimentation, in an effort to reach a state of bliss both geeky and sublime. You seem to be picking on him for this (whistle therapy sounds fun... kind of like mouth yoga?) yet it is the willingness to try new, odd things that perpetuates growth in life. Think of how odd we audiophiles look to the average consumer, with our giant tube amps, weird speakers and mysteriously ponderous turntables - yet we understand through our experiences that it's worth the investment of time and money to learn through trying something outside the big brand norm. You should put your reflexive disgust at the mention of tweaks aside and start having fun or perhaps just shut your mouth instead.

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Testy little man aren't you Chris L? Where's the love and compassion? lmao Serinus is a looney. Doesn't believe in real testing yet is always able to "hear a difference" in any situation hahaha. Don't let him suck you into anything audio wise. Being passionate is fine as long as it's not misleading and foolish. Hitler was passionate too I hear xD

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Thus David_L. tries to bring the discussion to a close by invoking Godwin's Law :-)

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DavidL is a recalcitrant linear minded ass who needs to get a life.He has not one bit of mental balance and needs to see a psychiatrist about his lack of capacity to utilize --nay even find his right brain. A man with access to only 50% of his mental faculties. Which is why he will always be an angry weak minded man. 'tis a sad thing except for the fact that he needs to be reminded that he should remove himself from circulation and get 'thee to a psychiatrist' from all the daggers he constantly sees before him.Oh. That's right. He can't see, he can't understand that 'unexplained' in 'science' has zip to do with being unreal. His failure to understand that a good 95%+ of reality remains unexplained and unknown by science means.... he'll always be off chasing shiny bumpers in the parking lot. May the Gods spare us the weak minded fools.

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Everything tested is always an improvement! Everything from the dust on the floor to the rainbow flag makes things sound better each month. There is zero credibility in the writings of a fairy tale writer.