You Are Getting Sleepy, Your Ears Are Getting Heavy...

Who knows why somebody decided to put a mattress company between Aaudio Imports and AudioQuest. Their door was closed each time I passed by. Maybe they were napping.

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I hope I am not too late.

Go back at night, they have the swingingest after party in Vegas!

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is the view down the hallway. What if they gave a CES and nobody came?

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Maybe they should change the name to "High End Basel" and set up in Miami Beach or Switzerland. Maybe time it with the Yacht Show and have it in Monaco.

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is if no exhibitors come for a couple of years. It still may not matter as shows are a lot of work and cost a great deal of money to do for the manufacturers. I would begin to doubt the value. probably time better spent at individual audio club shows state by state or by major local dealers.