The YG Acoustics Anat III Signature

The YG Acoustics Anat III Signature ($119,000/pair) employs a new circuit in its main module which enables the speaker to play louder while minimizing midrange distortion. Though the Anat maintains its rated sensitivity of 89dB, its impedance is more even, which should make the speaker easier to drive. Completing the system were a Veloce preamp, Krell 402 amplifier, dCS Scarlatti system, and Kubala Sosna Elation cables.

Alright. As some graceful piano came slowly tinkling into the room, I was immediately struck by the system’s combination of scale and delicacy. And when the first voice came in, it was one of those holy shit moments. And when the second voice came in, it was another one of those holy shit moments. And when the two voices came together, all I could do was sit there and grin like a dummy, in awe of the texture and tone and exquisite delineation of images. And then the percussion—fast and clean and authoritative. It added up to a compelling complete performance, just as sonically impressive as it was emotionally involving.

I heard myself thinking wild thoughts: It’s incredible that reproduced music can sound this good…. Sitting there listening to Herbie Hancock’s The Imagine Project, I was having the same sort of reaction as when walking the halls of a museum or strolling down 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, looking up at the Empire State Building: I’m just sort of amazed that humans can create such beauty.

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Stephen, you crystalized my thoughts exactly. Man! talk about holographic imaging!!

And get this, much of the source material was heavy metal, rock, and a couple of dance tunes, all from the 80's.

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This room was one of only two "wow!" rooms I heard at the show. The other was the Wharfedale / Musical Fidelity room.

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One of the very best at the show, certainly. I was somewhat surprised at the relative ease with which I could still locate each speaker with my eyes closed however.

That's not indicative of very much perhaps, overall. Just a quick impression.

HEY---they also played some much smaller YG speakers in that room, and they too were impressive.

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Yeah, YG did have their Carmel speakers playing later on in the day. Funny thing was, alot of people thought the sound was coming from the much larger Anat's.

Man! talk about ZERO coloration!