The Wind Cries Marty (Krystall) Marty's Kit

Sidebar 1: Marty's Kit

Krystall's home is also a studio, with a Steinway L piano and a 1964 Ludwig drum kit in the living room. The adjacent music library serves as his mastering room, recording booth, and office. There, Krystall has a pair of Klipsch RP-600M loudspeakers driven by a Schiit Vidar amplifier, his most recent hi-fi purchase. In the living room are a pair of BC Acoustique floorstanders, driven by a Counterpoint SA 220 hybrid amplifier. Preamplification is Conrad-Johnson's PV-11. For a small-speaker viewpoint during mastering, Marty uses a pair of small, self-powered PSB speakers. Also in the gear mix is a Mytek DAC and a CD transport from California Audio Labs.—Editor

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THanks so much for this excellent article. I have several years ago purchased some of the K2B2 CDs, They are wonderful. I am glad to learn more about Mr Krystall.

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A.B. Spellman's Black Music: Four Lives was among assigned books for a college course in the 70's and since then I've been fascinated by the music of Herbie Nichols -- by far the least well known among the four musicians profiled. It's an incredibly sad story that this incredible composer received so little attention during his lifetime and left so few recordings. (Note to Don Was & Joe Harley: please reissue Nichols Blue Notes!!!)

Fortunately musicians like Marty Krystall have recorded many Nichols compositions over the years, and hopefully will continue to do so with the passing of Rudd and Neidlinger.

Aside from his appearances with Neidlinger, I was not familiar with Krystall's work and looking forward to checking out his album with Tashi just ordered on Discogs.

Haven't heard several on the list but personally would've added wonderful The Happenings trio release with Krystall, Neidlinger and Howard Alden.