What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?

What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?
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Reader Mike Agee asks: "I'd like to hear about great audio products that have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press. I realize there are many reasons why this might happen, from manufacturer reluctance [to submit review samples] to bad timing in the marketplace, but we all know there are a real winners out there that never made a recommended list."

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Xindak 8800 MNE. These monoblocks are a hoot, for the money they are truly spectacular.

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Vandersteen 5A

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Checking the archives, I don't see any PC sound cards reviewed since 2004. How about the LynxTWO that JA has expressed his lust for?

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Nottingham Turntables: I own the entry-level Innerspace—wonderful rig.

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I don't think I know of any seeing as how that's why I read publications in the first place—to hear about stuff I haven't seen myself! ;)

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ADS HT series speakers. These puppies are built like tanks, yet got virtually no press when they came out in '04 or so. How many speakers can you name that are 16" high and weigh over thirty pounds? (HT400) Curved aluminum sides, rubber-encased steel tops and bottoms, metal mesh grilles, and good quality drivers. I've compared them side by side with speakers costing $3000/pr and other than in the deep bass, they were competitive—for less than $500/pr. I use seven in my HT: Three HT400's up front, and four HT300's for surround. Another under-appreciated speaker, the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab OML series, which are now discontinued. These are outstanding speakers that did perhaps make more of a blip in the marketplace than the ADSes, but apparently not enough to survive. I was lucky to get a pair of the OML-2s on close-out from Music Direct. Again, outstanding value, with a fit and finish far exceeding what you might expect at their price level. And performance that, while perhaps not the best of class in any specific area of measure, is certainly more than respectable in all areas. These are simply the most enjoyable and well-balanced speakers I've owned. They sound good with all kinds of music and recordings, never sacrificing too much in one area to excel in another.

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I can't think of any audio product worthy (or unworthy) of audition that has gone unnoticed in the audio rags. I'd be interested to hear other posters' opinions on this question.

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Slightly older models, but the MB Quart QLS series speakers were/are incredible. Crisp, smooth and airy, these speakers (specifically QLS-830 floors) are superior to comparable Paradigm Studios, B&W CMs, NHT Classics, Axioms, Energy RC, and others. But they recieved no press at all. Why not?

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JMLab 806s Colbalt speakers my pair sounds amazing and the Marantz CD5001 CD player. It may be inexpensive but I think it sounds great paired with my Cambridge Audio amp.

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Morrison Audio Model 23 speakers

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Aurum Cantus speakers. I often see remarks about quality of their ribbon tweeters when they are used in other manufacturer's products, but their own products are only seldom reviewed.

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Transcendent Sound Aspara Accoutstics HL1 and 2.

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Mcintosh MC252; PS Audio DLIII.

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Legend's "Kumbar Wirri's" Big Red speakers from Australia which trounce even Wilson Audio's best.

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If I told you I'd have to kill you (with fabulous music)!

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Not sure if these count, since they are kits. My technician had put them together for me. Australia's Silicon Chip 20W Class A amplifier kit: Its distortion at 1kHz is below .00024% @ 20W and below the noise floor (118dbA @ 625mV low input sensitivity). As just a power amp, it will rival a good tube amp. Also the Kitsrus.com TDA2009A stereo amplifier kit (can be bought as a module from UK): This amp sounds quite tube-like, and cost me about only $430AU including labour.

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Avalons larger loudspeakers like Isis, as well as Coincident Audio's speakers.

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I wonder why the D/A converters from Audio Note don't get more attention. They are among the very best on the market!

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Thiel CS3.7

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Martin Logan Vista. Copland preamps—specifically the CTA-305.

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Wyetech Labs tube amps and preamps. Great sound and build quality that's good for a lifetime. Klyne Audio Arts phono preamp—detailed vinyl playback without the edge you get from so many solid-state phono preamps.

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The Heed Audio Orbit Turntable power supply; ideal for the Linn turntables, Reg's and other Airpax driven decks. It's built like a Gryphon component but doesn't cost a ton (like most High End TT-PSUs). It's been around for years, so why it doesn't get the coverage it deserves is beyond me. I'm sure Stephen Mejias and Art Dudley would love it. 'Nother one? Well, the ESL 57 QA from Germany's Quad Musikwiedergabe springs to mind. Art?

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Several years ago I went looking for a replacement for my LS3/5As. I ended up with the Harbeth Model 30. It met my size and location requirements (no rear port) and a natural lower midrange/bass. I have never looked back.

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Bel Canto Pre2P and CD1. Only some web based reviews on the Pre2P and I never did see a review on the CD1 although it was discontinued almost immediately upon release as Bel Canto went to smaller sized components.

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ValveAudio has some hybrid preamps and amplifiers that weren't reviewed much. Would like to hear Stereophile's opinion on these products.

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How about PCI and USB based D/A and A/D converters ? Other than the Benchmark review, if you're building an iTunes lossless server you guys have been silent. Your own data had a huge percentage building a PC-based audiophile system, yet you continue to hope it goes away. Or you need to hire someone who has the passion to cover this incredibly fast growing area. Yes I still play LP's as well :-)

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ATC loudspeakers.

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All pro gear like dbx Driverack PA, QSX amps. They don't have the cachet of audiophile brands but they sure can deliver sonic performance.

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Speltz cables and autoformers. While a reviewer for TAS gave the speaker wires a paragraph and a Golden Ear, I believe all Speltz products are under-elucidated in the audio press. Paul's autoformer did wonders matching my Cary 300B SETs to the mids and highs of my Sig IIIs, his speakers wires bettered some very highly regarded and 10X costlier offerings from bigger names, and his IC's, both balanced and single-ended, do a superbly open and natural job tying my system together, yet I read very little about them. Note: Let them fully break-in.

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System Audio speakers,they look good, they sound great, and they love tubes. Manley Snappers 100 watts of EL34 magic with gravitas (balls).