What is the best name you've ever seen for an audio company and why?

What is the best name you've ever seen for an audio company and why?
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Can't think of one
26% (25 votes)
Total votes: 97

Reader Jeff Nobe is wondering what our readers consider the best name ever used for an audio company and why?

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I'm biased but I always liked "Well-Tempered Labs." On the other hand, "Mordaunt-Short" doesn't sound good for audio (like morbid but with a short circuit). I can think of a hundred whose name was okay, but the logo or name plates blew!

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Levinson's transistor symbol.

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I always liked Audio Alchemy. Their products were true to their name! As if doing some sort of magic or unprecedented scientific processing to the music! If you ever had the chance to hear one of their units, you know what I mean! (I've got two of 'em!) I thought their name was very appropriate!

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Quad, Huntingdon, England. (Sounds very serious?) And their speakers are the best.

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NHT: now hear this. Either that or the GFA designation of Adcom amps.

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G.A.S. and of course, their Ampzilla. Why? The names are inspired irreverence.

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Acoustic Research

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Von Gaylord Audio. Oh wait, best? Nevermind...

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Krell, because it was named after the advanced civilization from one of my favorite sci-fi movies, Forbidden Planet..

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Great American Sound, It just said it all.

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Godzilla by GAS.

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Krell. It just sounds modern, fancy, and manly—like its amps.

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Here's the name of my never-opened hi-fi store: Sounds Plausible.

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Krell: from the classic sci-fi movie.

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Bose, because the warning lies within the name to Buy Other Stereo Equipment.

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Hifiguru. Enough said :)

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Bottlehead: What could be a better name for a DIY tube amp company?

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Pink Triangle—because I'm a fairy ( fag in the US) myself and admire the bravery of a high-end manufacturer coming out of the closet and using such a symbol as its brand name.

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Monitor Audio. It's simple and you can imagine what the company stands for/produces.

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It's all in a name, in this case the designer who puts his personal stamp on the sound we love.

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Vendetta Research for sure. Blowtorch preamp. BBQ Amp.

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Greetings, I'd cast my vote for Meadowlark speakers. A meadowlark is a songbird and these speakers did indeed sing sweetly.

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TECHNICS The name tells by itself. Always released revolutionary products at very reasonable prices (I still remember the days I purchased components one-by-one and built my first Hi-Fi in years when I was student). Previously I was begging the damn thing to stop running (as a reason for buying new components). Now I just watch my daughter playing with my first Hi-Fi 365 days/year (which never failed by the way). I still use a DVD-A10 as main digital source in my listening room. Not so many reliable&cheap products exist in this world. It is a pitty that no more Hi-Fi components are released by this brand name.

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ReVox The name just tells you what the equipment does. Simple, without esoteric bla bla.

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Mark Levinson. Sounds so exclusive.

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I like a company that puts the owners'/founders' name on the faceplate. I feel that with their name on it, they are putting themselves out there, so it ought to be a good product and one that they will stand behind. I always liked Conrad-Johnson. I think the two surnames names in lower case are a testament to their humbleness, as well.

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Lavardin: French cachet (but not so French as to be unpronounceable by the rest of us), venerable and a bit mysterious by being named for a small town and ancient castle, and somehow building upon the ethos of their refined looking and sounding products. The anti-corporateness of Harbeth and Spendor are nice too, as are most of the many that reference the names of the principals or of those who inspired them.