What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?

What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?
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Although, as noted last week, some companies falter, there are always new ones trying to establish themselves and grow. What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?

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Virtue Audio, Lenehan Audio.

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JAS Audio

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GSP Audio (Graham Slee Projects). Big bang for the buck. Sounds almost as good as the very best.

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Yarland. A great way to start your audiophlie obsession. Thirty class-A watts, for under $1000.

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Abbingdon Music Research

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Magico, YG Acoustics.

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It's too soon to tell. There are too many companies selling more hype than substance now, anyway.

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JSE for the Infinite Slope speakers.

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Rogue Audio

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Zu Audio looks very promising. I hope they're well capitalized.

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Although not exactly new, Adam Professional Audio and the company's push from the studio into home audio.

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Hansen Audio's speakers. I heard them at the RMAF two years ago. Stunning!

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NuForce looks interesting. Slim Devices has potential—or at least they did before the Borg got them.

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First Watt is slightly new. Like a separate department of Nelson Pass' Pass Laboratories and Pass DIY. The amps don't sound much like most solid-state amplifiers. A little like the best solid-state amps and best tube amps, but partly different again, depending on the model.

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Resolution Audio and NuForce. But NuForce is really a bad name.

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Astin Trew, no doubt about it.

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Hegel Music Systems

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While not especially new, it does, for me, represent a valid direction for the future of great sound: Zu Audio.

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Emotiva, Peachtree Audio, Wyred 4 Sound.

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Zu Audio speakers, WLM speakers and tube amps, Trafomatic tube amps from Serbia, Abbingdon Music Research.

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I think Emotiva has the best products for the best price.

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Advance Acoustics (France)

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I really enjoy my Peachtree Audio Decco and think the new Nova sounds great too.