Wells Audio Performs with Honor at Pacific Audiofest

In a room whose vintage TAD Evolution One floorstanders (NFS) attracted considerable attention, Wells Audio equipment delivered consistently fine, solid sound. Jeff Wells's room was also one of many I encountered that dealt with the hotel's lack of Ethernet ports/wired internet by only playing 16/44.1 rips from CD.

A recording by Miles Davis—apologies for failing to get the title—sounded just right. Ditto for a bit of Rossini: Music for Strings and a track from Tierney Sutton. Vocals benefitted especially from the system's lively and attractive midrange.

Heard from Wells Audio: One pair Innamorata II Level II amplifiers (above; $15,000/each), Commander Level III preamplifier ($18,000), Cipher Level II tube DAC ($13,000), and Looking Glass II Level II power conditioner ($7500). The Innuos Zenith Mk3 music server ($5399) and Phoenix USB reclocker ($3749) completed a system that included cabling from JPS Labs and Dana Cables.