Wadax Impresses and Satisfies in Munich

There were several reasons why I was extremely eager to hear this system. First and foremost, given the high price of Wadax digital gear, I wanted to get a sense of what the Wadax Atlantis Reference DAC ($166,420), Wadax Atlantis Reference Server ($68,800), Wadax Atlantis Reference Transport $115,000), and Wadax Atlantis Reference PSU ($52,700) might sound like in the context of the MOC's challenging acoustics. Second, while I don't have good sense of the ultimate potential of Magico M6 loudspeakers ($185,000/pair), which I haven't heard as many times as I hope I will, I certainly know the sound of the D'Agostino Momentum HD preamp ($42,500) and D'Agostino Momentum M400 MxV monoblocks ($79,950/pair), both of which grace my reference system. So, with a big thumbs up to Wadax for having the smarts to go head-to-head with dCS by using the same electronics they're often paired with, and for also now offering an optional higher-priced all-black finish which greatly alters their gear's appearance, I had to listen.

The first time I visited, shortly after the show opened. the sound wasn't worth describing. My intuition, grounded in multiple decades of covering audio shows, declared that the system had not yet settled in sufficiently to reveal its full potential. Only on Day 2 did I hear the very fine, lively top, excellent three-dimensionality, detail, and level of musical engagement that I hope for from equipment in this price range. I didn't have time to stay very long, but an SACD of Bob Dylan singing "Man in the Long Black Coat" sounded the best and most truthful I've ever heard it sound.

Also in the system: Four Akasa DC cables ($20,400 each) and one Akasa Optical Module and cable ($27,400). Other prices were not supplied.

I look forward to spending more time with Wadax components.