Vitus SIA-030 Signature Amplifier, Thrax Yatrus Turntable, Schroeder Tonearm, Sculpture A Cartridge, Stillpoints Isolation Devices

Lovely, smooth sound, fine timbres, and a very large soundstage in the nearfield were the hallmarks of a system that was dominated by Vitus Audio's brand new, "hardly broken in" SIA-030 Signature integrated amplifier (€35,000). The SIA-030 has a fully regulated power supply for its output stage and a 22kW transformer, and claims 400,000 microfarads capacitance prior to regulation. It operates in two modes, either 30Wpc class-A or 200Wpc class-AB, and has a volume control that adjusts by 0.5dB steps while using only one resistor in series with the signal.

The SIA-030 uses no global feedback or parallel output devices. Its preamp stage "pretty much" has its own internal chassis save for an opening for the cables that connect it to the amplifier stage. Two optional modules are projected, an R1-101/RD-101 DAC/streamer, and a phono stage with two non-balanced inputs, MM/MC support, and individual load and gain settings.

Also in the system: Vitus Audio RP-102 MC/MM phono stage (€12,000) and SCD-025 Signature CD player/DAC (€21,000); Alluxity Media One (€12,500), Thrax Yatrus turntable with Schroeder arm (€12,000) and Sculpture A model A.3 cartridge (€2400), Stillpoints CS4-9 amp stand (€2800) plus four Ultra 6 Stillpoints, Andromeda and Furutech cables, a Studer A810 playing master tapes, and Rockport Avior MKI loudspeakers.

Anton's picture

Amazing. Only the woofers are pixilated and the rest of the pic is clear.

barrows's picture

That is the weave of the carbon fiber which you are seeing, not pixilation.
Love, love, love me some Vitus amplifier! I bet this sounded lovely with the Rockports.