Totally Totemic

Speaking of McIntosh, there was lots of Binghamton bling on display in the Totem room, where showgoers enjoyed the world introduction of the Totem Forest Signature loudspeaker ($6000/pair). Driven by a McIntosh C50 preamp and MC452 amplifier and fed by an Apple laptop running Amarra software, the Forest Signatures sounded like great all-around-ers, combining thoroughly impressive spatial performance with surprisingly good color and "body," plus a very natural top-to-bottom tonal balance. As with the Brodmann/Electrocompaniet, Wilson/VTL/dCS/Spiral Groove, Audio Feast, and MBL demonstrations, having to leave the cocoon of this room was a drag.

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Wah wah wah........these adjectives are so banal for describing the sound of a system. Does every reporter carry the Stereophile Glossary with them and franticly thumb though it trying to come up with an eclectic array of visceral ways of conveying the sound that has perturbed their listening devices on the side of their heads?

Yeah it begins to sound as stupid as the above paragraph.