Theta DS Pro Generation V digital processor Robert Harley's System

Sidebar 1: Robert Harley's System

I auditioned the Generation V with the Mark Levinson No.31 transport through the AES/EBU interface, and also with Theta's Data Basic transport via AES/EBU or Theta's optional LaserLinque optical interface. With LaserLinque on both the transport and processor, Theta's custom optical interface adds $1600 to the package price. I'll report on the musical effects of LaserLinque separately.

The Gen.V fed an Audio Research LS5 Mk.II preamp, which drove a pair of Audio Research VT150 tubed monoblocks. These drove the ribbon midrange and tweeters in the Genesis II.5 loudspeakers, and Genesis's servo amplifier drove the system's four 12" woofers. Interconnects included Transparent Ultra, AudioQuest Lapis, and AudioQuest Diamond X3. Loudspeaker cables were AudioQuest Dragon. Most of my auditioning was through the balanced outputs, with Diamond X3 interconnect.—Robert Harley

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