A Suggestion: Important Records and Rega’s RP-1

I’ve been living with Rega’s new RP-1 turntable ($445) for several weeks now. I love it. (I’ll go into more detail in the February and March 2011 installments of “The Entry Level.”) Not only that, I don’t miss my shiny, tricked-out P3-24 at all. In some ways, I prefer the RP-1. That’s right. The RP-1 not only replaces Rega’s fine P1, but effectively eliminates the P2, and, in some ways, rivals the P3-24.

Some people—people who hadn’t even seen or heard the RP-1—were quick to criticize its price. A fifty dollar increase over the P1 was just too much, they said. In my opinion, however, $445 for the Rega RP-1 is still a bargain. A crazy bargain.

An even crazier bargain: Buy a Rega RP-1 from Important Records and receive two Important Records LPs for free. Wait…Do I hear reindeer flying overhead? Is that the sound of Santa coming down the chimney? Ho ho ho.

Considering buying a $60,000/pair of loudspeakers? Why not buy 157 Rega RP-1s instead? Pass them out to your friends on Facebook. Share the joy of music. While you’re at it, buy the latest Guano Padano and Acid Mothers Temple albums.

Just a suggestion.

Ariel Bitran's picture

this is a fantastic deal. if you have cash. do this.

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"I don’t miss my shiny, tricked-out P3-24 at all. In some ways, I prefer the RP-1."

This is crazy talk, Stephen!

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I still need to pick up all the Bardo Pond related records. Very cool that Mr. Important is selling Rega. Good for everyone!

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Glad to hear the more affordable model is a rival, as I could actually own one at some point. But I haven't seen any reviews as yet: How/Why do you prefer it?

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I just subscribed to Stereophile so I could read the February issue, hoping to see more details about the "some ways" the RP1 rivals the P3-24, the "some ways" you prefer the RP1 over the P3-24, and just why you don't miss the P3-24 "at all." Sadly, there was no mention of any of this in your column. Hoping for more information in March.

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I'm also interested in what you meant relative to the P3-24, Stephen. I owned a P3-24 and currently own the RP1 with an Elys 2 and I don't miss the P3-24. However I have to wonder if I had a defective P3-24. I do love the RP1 and have to say that I cannot see parting with it anytime soon.

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It's now June and still no explanation as to what was meant by that comment, Stephen. Could you elaborate please.

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I've been living with my new RP1 for 24 hours and am having no fun at all. I immediately noticed extreme surface noise and distortion. On closer inspection, the body of the Ortofon cartridge was scraping the record! I backed off the counterweight and that helped but I don't have a gauge to check the stylus pressure. That's why I bought a plug and play turntable. I'm a bit in shock noting that the tracking force should be perfect with the weight slid right up to he stopper as instructed. I'll take it back to the dealer and see what help they can offer. Otherwise I'm happy with the look and feel of the table. Hopefully this is an easily corrected problem.