Stereophile's Products of 1992 Overall

Overall Component of the Year, 1992

Mark Levinson No.30 D/A processor

There were five deserving contenders for the crown, but the result was never in doubt. Expensive it may be, but the Mark Levinson No.30 typifies what Stereophile's "Product of the Year" is all about: superb sound quality coupled with inspired engineering, resulting in a component that will be regarded as a true Reference. If I could afford a No.30, I'd buy one tomorrow (footnote 2). But even though I can't afford one, it makes me feel good to know that something this well-engineered exists, raising digital replay to a new level of musical satisfaction that begins to rival the analog experience.

Finalists (in alphabetical order

Day-Sequerra Reference FM tuner
Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate preamplifier
Sonus Faber Extrema loudspeaker
Theta Data CD Transport

Footnote 2: I did eventually buy a No.30, updating first to No.30.5 status, then to No.30.6. I had to replace the power supply in 2013, but it still sounds as good today as it did 24 years ago.—John Atkinson

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Sonus Faber speaker: I bought their first headphone, the Pryma ($550) in 2015, yet it's still essentially unknown months later in headphone circles. So do I assume their speakers have fallen out of audiophile favor?

Spica SC-30 budget speakers: I think Stereophile's earlier reviews of the Advent and the FMI-80 fell into this category, or maybe even moreso.

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Thank you Stereophile for the mention and Guy for the fun listening! "92" was an exciting time!

michael green