Soulution 311 Amplifier, Piega 511 Speakers, Wireworld Eclipse Cabling, Taol Rack

In the inner sanctum, as it were, of distributor Axiss Audio, I discovered what I believe were three premieres: Soulution's 525 preamp ($26,500) and 311 power amp ($12,000), and Piega 511 speakers ($15,000). In a brief listen, this system's notably drier, straight ahead, and detailed presentation was distinguished by a smooth midrange core that brought pleasure on both a pop track and Carolyn Sampson's perfume-scented recording of Fauré's "Les Roses d'Ispahan." Contributing to the system's strengths were Soulution's 560 DAC with Leedh upgrade ($40,000), Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8 and Silver Eclipse 8 cabling, and a Taol 4-shelf rack ($4000).