Sight + Sound Gallery Opens in Atlanta, GA

Photo by Terrell Clark

Friday, May 11, at 5pm: Sight + Sound (Studioplex, G8, 659 Auburn Avenue, Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, GA) hosts its grand opening as both a contemporary art gallery and high-end audio equipment retailer. The gallery will showcase artwork from local artists while exhibiting gear from T+A, Nordost, and Elipson.

On exhibit for the opening will be regional photographer Terrell Clark’s 3 Feet Above Sea Level: A Pinhole Exploration of the French Quarter, where Clark captures “an unconventional perspective of the Quarter and challenges the notion of a ‘perfect’ picture.” Clark is presenting images of the battered yet picturesque façade of New Orleans’ French Quarter and combining it with erratic smears of light and a skewed perspective leaving the viewer uneasy. Clark questions the importance of aesthetics, how stereotypical images influence our perspective, and how our opinions can be left unsettled when we look at the world from a different angle.

Listening to music on high fidelity audio equipment can help us achieve similar moments in enlightenment. The melody, nuance, and rhythmic tension–the music–a hi-fi simulates pierces our chest and gives us a chance to reflect on our own lives. The inner detail and emotions expressed in a performance are never too far from our own and allow us to fully understand our own feelings.

Just as how T. Monk can never quite resolve his chords, I am faced with the constant emotional battles of interpersonal relationships versus reaching my own self-actualization. Fighting with roommates. Questioning relationships. Even if it feels great for just a moment, nothing ever seems perfect. Terrell Clark asks his viewers, What is perfect? T. Monk does the same. Listening to the hi-fi and absorbing visual art brings us closer, not to the answer, but to constantly asking ourselves questions.

Works at the Sight+Sound Gallery are rotated out each month with new works from other local creatives. Regular hours are Thursday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm. Gallery owner and Morehouse College alumnus, Charles Berry, is thrilled to indulge patrons both visually and aurally. Hopefully, they’ll walk away with a new perspective


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