Schiit & Salk Signature Sound

The 3rd-floor room shared by Schiit and Salk Signature Sound was so crowded the first two times I stopped by that I couldn't listen, But the third time, Béla Fleck's classic "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" was playing, I snagged a second-row seat and liked what I heard. A big, clean sound from an affordable system. Speakers were Salk's Song3 BeATs ($4495/pair, $4795/pair in custom finishes like those at the show); source was either a Salk Streamplayer Gen III ($1695) feeding Schiit's Yggdrasil DAC ($2395) or an SOL turntable (estimated price $799); phono preamp a Schiit Mani ($129); preamplifier a Schiit Freya ($699); and amplifier a Schiit Aegir ($799).

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The Salk speakers should get more in the way of reviews. Great company. I am a happy owner of Song3 speakers.

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I agree. I would love to see a full review of these with measurements.'s picture

Do we know when we can order the SOL turntable?

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Is this a 21st Century Linn Naim type configuration?

Tony in Michigan

ps. Schiit Salk could end up being the new generation's link connecting the iPhone to Audiophile HighEnd .