Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010

The 2010 edition of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, occupying parts of nine floors of the Denver Marriott Tech Center, is set to be the biggest and best RMAF yet. For now, guests, exhibitors, and press are enjoying "the calm before the storm." But that will soon change, and this quiet, sun-soaked hall will be one big blur of color and activity. Judging by the show's directory—which is obviously thicker than ever—we're in for some serious fun.

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Ahhhh, Denver. I went to grad school there and caught some big fish and drank only good beer while there. The Wynkoop brewery is worth a stop, and the chili beer is wonderful. Heck, all their beers are wonderful. Enjoy the show! Trey

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I want to see lots of vinyl(and anything vinyl related) coverage.

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You know, its only about 45 miles from Denver to Lyons, CO.

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And about the same to Fort Collins, home of Fat Tire Ale and other wonderful libations. What is in Lyons Michael?

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The Oskar Blues Brewery, maker of Dale's Pale Ale among others, restaurant is located in Lyons. The brewery is in Longmont which is even closer!

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Smooth flight, no problems. Blue skies, snow-capped mountains. Now waiting in gift shop until my room is ready. Behind me, a tall, wooden sign tempts with 14 micro-brews: 1554, Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, 5 Barrel, Titan, Hoss, Avalanche, more. Ha! Would love to visit Dale, but won't have time to leave the Tech Center.

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Ohhhh, I have heard you guys talking about that! I have not seen it here in Nashville. I must look harder. Lyons is also home to the St. Vrains creek which was made somewhat famous by my favorite fishing author, John Gierach. He has moved, so go for the beer!

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I see the routine continues.