Robbie Fulks is Bringing It All Back Home Fulks's Choice

Sidebar: Fulks's Choice

When an artist has written hundreds of songs, it seems a logical request that he list the 15 or so that, as Fulks put it, “don’t embarrass me.” Would he consider this list “The Essential Robbie Fulks”? “Sure,” he said, “it’s fine if you want to say that.” Here they are, from the most recently released to the earliest, with the albums on which they appear.

"Angels Carry Me": Bluegrass Vacation (Compass, 2023)

"Molly and the Old Man": Bluegrass Vacation (Compass, 2023)

"I Just Lived a Country Song": Wild! Wild! Wild! with Linda Gail Lewis (Bloodshot, 2018)

"Seventies Jesus": Revenge of the Doberman (53-song digital release at, 2018)

"Fare Thee Well, Carolina Gals": Upland Stories (Bloodshot, 2016)

"America Is a Hard Religion": Upland Stories (Bloodshot, 2016)

"Sarah Jane": Upland Stories (Bloodshot, 2016)

"Long I Ride": Gone Away Backward (Bloodshot, 2013)

"The Many Disguises of God": Gone Away Backward (Bloodshot, 2013)

"That's Where I'm From": Gone Away Backward (Bloodshot, 2013)

"Charles Thomas Samuels": 50-vc. Doberman Sampler (Boondoggle, 2013)

"Georgia Hard": Georgia Hard (Yep Roc, 2005)

"Let's Kill Saturday Night": Let's Kill Saturday Night (Geffen, 1998)

"Tears Only Run One Way": Country Love Songs (Bloodshot, 1996)

"She Took a Lot of Pills (and Died)": Country Love Songs (Bloodshot, 1996)