Revel Ultima Gem loudspeaker & Ultima Sub-15 subwoofer Specifications

Revel Ultima Gem: Two-way, stand-mounted loudspeaker with rear-facing reflex port and second tweeter. Drive-units: 1.1" fabric-dome tweeter, 0.75" rear tweeter, two 5" metal-cone bass/midrange drivers. Measured crossover frequency: 2.3kHz. Frequency response: 70Hz-15kHz, ±1dB of target curve; -10dB at 39Hz (2-pi anechoic measurement). Nominal impedance: 6 ohms, 4 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m. Power handling: not specified.
Dimensions: 19.5" (496mm) H by 8.375" (213mm) W by 17.375" (442mm) D. Weight: 40 lbs (18.2 kg) each with wood side panels; 48 lbs (21.8 kg) each with aluminum side panels.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 1337 and 1357, auditioning; 1240, measuring.
Prices: $6000/pair in matte black finish, with rosewood, light oak, black ash, or unfinished panels. The (unlikely) combination of matte black paint and aluminum panels is $6800/pair. Gems with high-gloss paint (Midnight Blue, Piano Black, Forest Green, Heather Gray, Revel Red), with rosewood, light oak, black ash, or unfinished panels: $7200/pair. Gems with high-gloss paint and aluminum panels: $8000/pair. Gem pedestals: $1500/pair with wood bases, $2200/pair with aluminum bases.

Revel Ultima Sub-15: Passive subwoofer. Drive-unit: 15" woofer with a Kevlar/kapok-impregnated cone. Frequency response: 20Hz to the crossover frequency, ±0.5dB, -3dB at 16Hz, up to full rated power.
Dimensions: 20" (508mm) H by 19.6" (498mm) W by 21.125" (537mm) D. Weight: 95 lbs (43.2 kg) shipping, plus side panels.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 1169.
Prices: $2500 each, matte black paint with wood panels; $3200, matte black with aluminum panels; $3800, high-gloss with wood panels; $4500, high-gloss with aluminum panels.

Revel Ultima LE-1: Dedicated monophonic subwoofer amplifier with remote control of volume and EQ, front-panel LED display, FM-1 filter module, balanced and unbalanced line-level inputs; unbalanced and balanced line-level, high-pass-filtered outputs; two sets of speaker outputs in parallel. Specified output power: 725W RMS into one Sub-15; 1200W RMS into two Sub-15s. Low-pass filter: 4th-order (24dB/octave) Linkwitz-Riley with fc=80Hz. (Custom modules available.)
Dimensions: 17" (432mm) W by 7" (178mm) H by 21.5" (547mm) D. Weight: 103 lbs (47 kg) shipping.
Finish: silver-anodized aluminum with black heatsink fins.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 1151.
Price: $6000.

Common to all three: Approximate number of dealers: 40.
Manufacturer: Revel Corporation, 8500 Balboa Blvd., Northridge, CA 91320. Tel: (818) 830-8777. Fax: (818) 892-4960. Internet: .