Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-box digital-to-analog converter and CD player. Digital inputs: supports up to 24-bit/96kHz via USB and Ethernet inputs (upgrade to 24/192 to be available Q4 2011); up to 24/192 via optical, AES/EBU, coax. Control options: supplied hardware remote; free app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Analog output jacks: left & right, RCA & balanced, both fixed or variable. Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, +0/–0.4dB. Output impedance: 100 ohms. Maximum output: 2V RMS, 2.5V RMS (RCA), 5.5V RMS (XLR). Power requirement: 35W.
Dimensions: 17" (430mm) W by 2" (50mm) H by 9" (230mm) D. Weight: 13.2 lbs (6kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 2210163.
Price: Cantata Music Center, $6000; Cantata Pont Neuf USB Bridge, $400. Approximate number of dealers: 15.
Manufacturer: Resolution Audio, San Francisco, CA. Tel: (415) 553-4100. Fax: (415) 840-0098. Web:

Resolution Audio
San Francisco, CA
(415) 553-4100

soulful.terrain's picture


This has got to be one of the coolest looking pieces of audio equip.

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Rarer than one would think in high-end HiFi... a simply lovely box.

Happy Listening!

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Which disc-drive did they built in the Cantata? It looks like a slot-in drive from a notebook...