The Quintessence Shadow V

Quintessence was a brand new to me, but it turns out that the company's Shadow V loudspeaker ($35,000/pair) was designed by PBN's Peter Noerbaek. Driven by PBN amplifiers and playing a Nat King Cole track from open-reel tape, this large, elegant 225 lb speaker sounded a little lacking in air at the top, but this may well have been due to the room being larger than optimal for the tweeter's dispersion. The sound was otherwise high quality, with an uncolored midrange and extended lows.

TOM CAMPAGNA's picture

THANKS for stopping by our room. Just a few informational notes. Peter did design the crossover for my speaker, to my specifications however I am the one responsible for the esthetic and appearance, and ultimate voicing of our speakers. We ended up moving the speakers a little closer and some what more angled in, after you heard them so the highs would probably have sounded a little more extended and "airy' had you heard them in that configuration. Having said that, i personally voice all of our products for a some what more "relaxed" quality in the top octaves.