Quad ESL-989 electrostatic loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Full-range electrostatic loudspeaker. Power capacity: 100W, 10V RMS, 40V peak maximum signal input. Program peak for undistorted output: 40V. Permitted peak input: 55V. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 6.2 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/m. Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz, ±6dB.
Dimensions: 52" (1335mm) H by 26" (670mm) W by 12.25" (315mm) D. Weight: 55.7 lbs (25.3kg) net.
Finishes: black, blue, or silver.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 901969, 901970, 9890003, 9890004.
Price: $7999/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 20.
Manufacturer: Quad, IAG House, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE18 6WA, England. Tel: (44) (0)1480-447700. Fax: (44) (0)1480-431767. Web: www.quad-hifi.co.uk. US distributor: IAG America, 15 Walpole Park S., Walpole, MA 02081. Tel: (508) 650-3950. Fax: (508) 650-3905. Web: www.iagamerica.com.

IAG America
15 Walpole Park S.
Walpole, MA 02081
(508) 650-3950