Quad’s Float-QA Headphones

These $3000 ear-speakers manufactured by the German division of Quad sure do look funny, but they made serious sound in the Headzone room. The Float-QA Headphones flanked gently down my temples and reproduced a carefree and natural delivery full of concert-hall realism. They require the accompanying Float QA-PSU to operate, and fit can be adjusted via a loose head strap. Though they felt a bit wobbly, I’m sure in a stable home setting, these things could easily let you drift away.

alexk's picture

those are essentially mini ESL-2812s that you wear on your dome.

I'm getting a big time Wayne Szalinski vibe from these things. Or maybe it's just the guy who's wearing them.

drums4money's picture

My son and I had no choice but to listen when Manfred (in the photo) pulled us close & put the headgear on us.  They were absolutely remarkable.  Both in comfort and beautiful sound..

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Really nice. Gets rid of that "in-your-head" sound of conventional headphones.