Preparing for the Florida Audio Show

It's noon and a sunny 76º, and already people are setting up for the inaugural Florida Audio Expo at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore. No sooner do I walk into the Dynamic Sound Associates room than someone asks me if I can please hold three long and hefty Luminous Audio power cables. With those monsters hanging over one shoulder, I snap my first photo.

Next I encounter show promoter Bart Andeer in the lobby. Despite a few cancellations—one exhibitor has the flu, another is recovering from pneumonia, and a third, from Japan, encountered Visa issues—Bart believes we still have 40 exhibit rooms. Given that admission is gratis, there are no pre-show sales by which to gauge attendance. But with weather like this, spirits are high.

Moving on, I discover Angela Cardas and Josh Meredith of Cardas Audio (above) in the process of unpacking. There's not much going on in the Parasound room, since they can't really set up until the small engineering convention group vacates the suite next door so they can open the airwalls to double the size of their space.

But Tara and Jeremy Bryan (above), encountering no such obstacles, are hard at work in the mbl room, fine-tuning chair and speaker positions while playing happy music appropriate to the environment.

My goal is to cover every room at this show in three days. We shall see…

Meanwhile, time to hit the exercise room and the pool. Hope to see you here.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

My recommendation for 'relentless' audio shows reporter award ....... JVS :-) ..........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

"One has flu, another one has pneumonia and a third one has visa problems" ...... Sounds like Virginia kinda situation :-) .......

drny's picture

MBL Demo set up had great acoustic treatment.
Their reel to reel demo tracks just killed.
It was the only room worth sitting down for an hour and half.
The Radialastrahler 101E were by far the most transparent speakers in the show.