Plinius M14 phono preamplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 1: Associated Equipment

Turntables: VPI TNT Mk.3, Rega Planar 9, Clearaudio Reference.
Tonearms: Souther TQ-1, Immedia RPM-2, Graham 2.0.
Phono Cartridges: Transfiguration Temper, Lyra Parnassus D.C., AudioQuest 7000 Fe-5, Clearaudio Accurate (gold coils), Rega Exact, Grado Reference.
Preamplifier: Audible Illusions Modulus 3A.
Power Amplifiers: VTL Signature 175, Muse 160, Adcom 5802.
Loudspeakers: Audio Physic Virgo, Aerial Model 8; Audio Physic Terra subwoofer.
Cables: Yamamura Millennium 6000 and Quantum AC. Discovery Plus Four, Precision Interface Technology phono cables.
Accessories: VibraPlane, Symposium Acoustics, and Bright Star Audio Little Rock platforms; A.R.T. "Q" dampers, D.J. Kasser Black Diamond Racing cones, Walker Audio Valid Points, Yamamura Millennium Bearing speaker supports.—Michael Fremer

Plinius Audio Ltd
Plinius USA
3439 NE Sandy Boulevard #128
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 662-8210

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Easy to agree !

A fall in demand for phono will trigger a Glut on/in the market suggesting that many will not be sold. ( according to Cambridge Dictionary )

Well Said, Mr.MF phono marketer.

The 10cent word would be surfeit.

Tony in Venice

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It's a good one though! MF has displayed continued integrity and transparency.

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Agreed Mr Glotz!