Piega Premium Wireless 701 Loudspeakers

This was a surprise.

When I walked in to this room and saw these skinny towers, I didn't expect much. When I saw that they were wireless, I expected even less. But the Piega 701s made some very fine sounds, with good bass, tweeters that didn't draw attention to themselves, and a stereo image that didn't collapse when I moved off-center. The Piega Connect wireless interface accepts digital or analog inputs and sends music to the speakers over its own proprietary network on one of three wireless bands. Tall and skinny, with DSP correction for wall and corner placement, they'll be unimposing in most rooms. And if you want multiroom ambient music for a party, you can set them to mono and put them in different rooms.

At $7500/pair (including, at the show at least, the Piega Connect interface), the 701s cost real money. Even when you consider that you don't need an amp, preamp, or cables, at that price they ought to sound good, and they do. A contender for those seeking premium wireless loudspeakers.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

So, are we gonna see a review of Piega Premium 701 wireless speakers in Stereophile? :-) .........

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I made it a point to go back to this room after visiting all the rooms, just so I could believe my ears at what these speakers were providing. These speakers sounded great. The bass these produced was astounding. I keep looking for a sub or bass driver, but one wasn't needed. Piega is a name I'll remember when I'm looking to purchase new speakers.