Penaudio–dCS–Musical Fidelity

If the Lamm room in the Venetian with the Wilsons was one of the first I visited at CES, the last room I visited was Tempo Marketing's in the Mirage Penthouse. I reported last October that Tempo had taken over US distribution of this Scandinavian brand. As well as the stand-mounted Cenya ($4000/pair), which I had heard at the 2011 RMAF, Tempo was demming the floorstanding, two-and-a-half-way Sara S ($7995/pair), shown in my photo. The Sara S combines two magnesium-cone SEAS mid-woofers with a SEAS tweeter in an enclosure that comprises a unique construction combining MDF and plywood.

The system included a dCS Puccini player and UClock, and a 260Wpc Musical Fidelity M6 power amplifier ($3495). The sound was sweet, detailed, and truly high-end. A great way to end the show.

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Didn't mean to give the impression that this being the last room I visited also meant it was the end of the report. We have many more rooms still to report on tomorrow. - JA