Payday Albums: 1/4/13

Lucrecia Dalt: Commotus

I’ve gotten into the habit of buying a few records on payday, as a sort of reward for all the ass I kick around here. Or maybe because I simply can’t help it. Money enters my hands and immediately turns into music.

Because I’m weird, or maybe because my grandparents are Catholics, or maybe because I have a problem with happiness, I inevitably feel guilty after making any album purchase. But in my old age, I’ve made an important discovery: The regret I feel over purchasing records is small and meaningless compared to the regret I feel over those records not purchased. I guess it’s better, then, to be financially poor and musically rich.

I figure I’ll start making lists of the albums I purchase. That way, I can do a better job of keeping track of them, and I can quickly and easily share them with you—maybe you’ll find something you like or maybe you'll have other recommendations for me. I think it’ll also be fun to track the inevitable twists and turns of my own musical interests.


Today’s payday. These are the albums I bought.

Lucrecia Dalt: Commotus (LP, Human Ear Music)

Listen via Soundcloud.

Michael Hurley: Long Journey (LP, Light in the Attic)

Ned Collette & Wirewalker: 2 (LP, Fire)

Listen via Soundcloud.

Nils Frahm: Felt (LP, Erased Tapes)

Listen via Drowned In Sound.

Peter Broderick: These Walls of Mine (LP, Erased Tapes)

Listen via Soundcloud.

I purchased these records from Forced Exposure.

Ariel Bitran's picture

to remember what you have actually bought.

ken mac's picture

great. Will this be a bi monthlyl event? Hope so. A consumer guide to enjoy.. 

Stephen Mejias's picture

Will this be a bi monthlyl event?

Possibly. But I should probably keep my album-buying down to a monthly event. Or an every-other-month sort of thing. We'll see.

ken mac's picture

Really  like Dalt, Broderick and Frahm. All hushed, wintery, whirring sounds Found on LP?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Yes, all on vinyl.  The Lucrecia Dalt album is on beautiful clear vinyl and comes with a download coupon -- as do the Broderick and Collette albums.

deckeda's picture

... at or whatever. Everything would be in one place, not scattered over blog page entries. 

joyeous's picture

Keep them coming, I loved Lucrecia Dalt

Patrick Butler's picture

I just listened to Nils Frahm for the first time today on's best of 2012 survey.  Love his work.  Here are some other things you might like:

R Browne's picture

Nice pick for the Nils Frahm "Felt". A suggestion for your next record store visit: Bersarin Quartett - II. I think you'll like it. One of my favorites for 2012.

Drtrey3's picture

Drove downtown in the rain
Nine-thirty on a tuesday night,
Just to check out the late-night
Record shop.
Call it impulsive
Call it compulsive,
Call it insane;
But when I'm surrounded
I just can't

It's a matter of instinct
It's a matter of conditioning
It's a matter of fact.

Tou can call me Pavlov's
Ring a bell and I'll salivate -
How'd you like that?


Yep, Barenaked Ladies feel our pain too!