Our Final Binaural Video Report from the NYAS

Here's our final report from the New York Audio Show. Thank you to everyone who watched our previous videos, all of which featured Herb Reichert (left above in JA's photo) and gave us feedback—positive and otherwise. We started making these videos as a response to feedback, and will continue monitoring feedback to help improve our future videos.

In the first room hosted by Adirondack Audio & Video: a D-08u SACD Player ($14,995), PD-171A belt-drive turntable ($6,995), Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge ($2039), EQ-500 vacuum-tube phono EQ ($6495), C-900u control preamplifier ($14,995), M-900u stereo power amplifier ($14,995), the 8Wpc MQ-300 vacuum-tube power amplifier ($20,995), and a pair of floorstanding Triangle Magellan Quatuor loudspeakers. Ken Micallef shared his impressions on this room in his Saturday report.

In the second room hosted by Brooklyn based manufacturer Ohm Acoustics: Ohm Walsh 2000 loudspeakers ($2800/pair), an Outlaw RR 2160 stereo receiver ($799), a Bluesound Node 2 ($500), and an Oppo DV-980H DVD player ($170).

In the third room partially hosted by Mytek: a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, a Mytek Manhattan DAC II, and a Mytek Amp, with a VPI Cliffwood turntable connected to phono pre of the Brooklyn DAC+, an Oppo CD player playing Chesky MQA CDs, a touchscreen PC playing Roon with Tidal MQA and DSD local files, Elac Debut 5 bookshelf speakers powered by the Brooklyn amp; and Audeze LCD-X, Focal Utopia, and HiFiMAN HE 1000 headphones.

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I think you guys are doing a darn good job of getting up to speed on Video.

You have access to cross-polinization with Jimmy DeRista and Casey Neistat ( both NY'rs ).

There is a possibility of a Reichert vs. Gutenberg type of Audiophile Comedy/Insight team-up.

I can see an entire Series.

Episode 1). Steve & Herb do OHM where they visit Ohm Factory wearing "Ohm in every Home" sports hats & T-Shirts.

You guys can also sell some Stereophile Clothes with mottos like: "Making Audio Fun again!", "Tubes make my Heart Glow", "Vinyl & Proud" etc......

Nice work

Tony in Michigan

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You guys realize how much Jana has done to bring you, and all of us, into the new century, right? Do what you need to do to keep her and let her decide sometimes what she should be doing. New ideas and angles. Thanks to all.

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Ain’t it the truth.

With all due respect to Herb, John, Steve, Jason, et. al., Jana’s contributions are helping to keep you guys relevant. If audiophiles really do want to attract new people to the fold, a fresher perspective like hers is necessary... unless you’re okay with the community being a shrinking cadre of opinionated old men.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

As opposed to opinionated younger men?

JoeinNC's picture

...and as opinionated as they come. :)

Yet, even I enjoy the company of those younger and with different experiences and opinions than mine on occasion. Just sayin’.

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Is it possible the front drivers were in phase but the rear-firing tweeters weren't?

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Oh my -- in the Ohm room, it sounded (with Attention Screen) like the soundstage just collapsed. Maybe the guy who thought the Luxman speakers were out of phase listened to the Ohms first, then the Luxmans.

Herb Reichert's picture

the three front-firing woofers were wired in series-parallel - to preserve a drivable impedance

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Really enjoying the binaural show experience, and not just because of the music and the chats; I also like the geeky *audiophile* sound effects; so immersive is the binaural experience through my headphones that on a few occasions I spun around in my chair to see if someone in my family hadn't crept up on me. This effect might not be music-related, but it does contribute in making me feel like I'm at an actual hi-fi show. Kudos to all involved!

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I would love to read JA's comments about not only the difference of recording a concert with a pair of ORTF pencil mics on a stand and the spacing one might use and then for the problems there are for an experiment such as this of recording recorded music played back in a very small venue with a nice dual channel mic preamp into the Camera.