NY Audio Show 2013: Getting There From Brooklyn

It had already been a long week at Stereophile. I trucked through three thirteen-hour workdays plugging in code for the Recommended Components iPad app and had my first dentist appointment in five years. Holes had been burned through my eyes and scraped through my teeth. Luckily, my ears were still there dangling. But the rain, the rain, THE RAIN! I could have done without the rain this morning.

I would not be traveling light to this New York Audio Show. I carried a backpack stuffed with a laptop, extra clothes, an HD video camera, and golden delicious apples, an orange canvas bag bursting with electronic, R&B, and classical LPs, and a tripod in a carrying case whose strap was just a wee bit short to stay on my shoulder. I looked like an audiophile. I looked like a journalist. I looked like an idiot.

Halfway down the street from my house, I realized I forgot my Stereophile business cards, and I turned back home for another few minutes in the downpour. My umbrella failed to keep my LPs from getting wet on the way. Today seemed not my day. Hopefully I’d hear some good systems.