Nordost & Raidho

In the Nordost/Raidho suite, I was very impressed by the spacious, delicate, detailed sound made from a system comprising Raidho C1.1 standmounted speakers ($20,000/pair, including dedicated stand), a Simaudio CD player, Hegel amplification, Quantum Resonant Technology (QRT) power conditioning, and, of course, Nordost cabling.

Other than its cabinet which is made in China, every component of the very attractive Raidho speaker is manufactured in the company’s Denmark facility. Rather than place emphasis on the cabinet, Raidho decided to concentrate on the parts of a loudspeaker “that really matter,” specifically the drive units and how they interact with one another.

Listening to Johnny Cash’s rendition of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt,” I was moved by the system’s ability to present a space, and then to expand that space—it was like filling a balloon with air or taking a slow, deep breath.


For more on Raidho's technology, see Jason Victor Serinus' report on the Raidho 2.1.

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Please explain more about this Quantum Resonant Technology? Does it involve honest quantum science or is that just a name and just what is resonating? I would be interested in seeing a test by JA in a future edition of Stereophile getting to the bottom of the matter please.