Nordost QPoint, QSource, and Valhalla 2 Tonearm Cable +

No less than four new Nordost products received their first showing at Munich High End. The Valhalla 2 Tonearm Cable + ($5000), due by early June, is a monofilament design that contains four silver-plated solid-core copper conductors, in a twisted-pair arrangement that creates a left and right channel, each individually wrapped in a silver braided shield to eliminate crosstalk. This cable comes with two detachable silver-plated ground whips designed to enhance grounding and eliminate hum.

Due by the end of June, the round Nordost QPoint ($750) is the first "Resonance Synchronizer" I've encountered. This device addresses resonances within components that, when oscillating concurrently but not in unison, produce electrical noise that smears sound. The QPoint generates what Nordost describes as a "subtle field" that affects electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity, to cause them to vibrate in unison. Powered by a switch-mode power supply, the QPoint offers a choice of fields—users decide which is better. The upshot, according to Nordost, is a wider soundstage, increased detail and dynamics, enhanced coherency, and more.

I wish I could tell you what I experienced when the QPoint was switched in and out, but there were so many participants whispering behind me that I threw in the towel. Instead, I learned from Nordost's Meredith Gabor that the next two products, expected the end of August, are the QSource Linear Power Supply ($2500), with DC outputs for six products: four for QPoints, and two for other devices.

Also due at the end of August is the QSource DC cable ($260/1m, with half meter increments an additional $50), a solid-core monofilament cable intended to connect QPoints and other devices to the QSource. Terminations are lemo on one side, and a choice of lemo, 2.1, and 2.5 on the other.

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I am so impressed by what Nordost is able to do with its cables -- wider soundstage, increased detail and all the other benefits -- that I plan to build an all-Nordost system. Well, of course I will have to have a turntable so that I have a platter and tonearm. But other than that, it would be all Nordost all the time. I plan to bypass the preamp and amp, because those components do nothing but introduce noise, distortion and coloration. So, from the Nordost tone arm cables all the way through to the speakers, it will be nothing but Nordost. The coverage at Stereophile has convinced me that investing in the products from this very fine company is the way to go to get true audio satisfaction and quality.

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Do Nordost do voicecoils or crossovers yet? I think you should wait until they do those, then you can have your all-Nordost system. Worth the wait!

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I'd love to see/know what speakers were connected to this system.

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May be 'in-ceiling' speakers ...... and they were playing 'Dancing on the ceiling' ........ Just kidding :-) .........

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Come on, Stereophile, what does it take for you to call out BS when you see it? $260 for a single-strand (yup, that's what 'monofilament' means...) wire that conducts DC. And yes of course its solid-core, all single strands are solid core. Duh.

And, seriously, this "Qpoint" changes the resonant frequencies of different 'electromechanical' devices in its immediate vicinity so they resonate together 'by emitting a subtle field'. How does a 'subtle field' change the resonant frequency of a component or circuit? Doesn't anyone at Stereophile know anything at all about electronics or engineering?

What is the value to readers of putting the Stereophile Stamp of Gullibility(tm) on literally any old absurd and, frankly, fraudulent product put before you?

I'd say 'cancel my subscription' in time-honoured fashion, but I don't think you have any subscriptions left...

Please, try applying some critical thinking and a little knowledge (it doesn't take too much) to call out this fraudulent BS. Nordost is conning people with this, plain and simple. Time you acquired the courage to say so.

(so, of course, one alone will never suffice for a whole system... gotta buy one for each box you have...)

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I wonder, would you use this with a tuner? Just curious... I mean, what with tuners being BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF RESONANT CIRCUITS the last thing you want is a Qpoint within range.

ooooooh, but... what a good way to test a Qpoint. If you put one near your tuner, and you still hear the station you tuned to, well... the Qpoint doesn't work.

Anyone willing to try this??

I wonder if it also retunes bass reflex ports... hmmm.

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dude, how can you be so thick?! first yo say fraudulent and then you give scientific basis for the "Resonance Synchronizer" with rRESONANT CIRCUITS... soooooo

and it's electromechanical resonances they say. I'm curious.

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There are only two methods for changing resonance frequencies:

1.) Change the mass

2.) add or subtract dampening

Of course, everything will change the performance of a tweaky, fragile Audiophile system. ( it's called psychosis )

Tony in transit

ps. reporting on these little accessories is akin to that Seinfeld Episode where the wacky holistic healer ( Tor Eckman ) turns George purple. ( it was a great Audiophile based Episode )