Nagra VPS phono preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-ended, hybrid moving-magnet/moving-coil phono preamplifier with separate power supply. Inputs: 1 MC; second MM or MC input optional. Outputs: RCA, XLR (unbalanced). Tube complement: one 12AX7, one 12AT7. Input impedance: variable (with supplied load cards). Voltage gain: transformer input, 11dB; tube stage, 34dB; solid-state stage, 15dB. Frequency response: 20Hz–30kHz, +1/0dB. THD: <0.15%. Crosstalk: typically 60dB. Signal/noise (MC): >77dB (A-weighted. Output levels: 300mV (low mode, direct from tubes), 2V (high mode, via solid-state buffer stage).
Dimensions: 12.2" (310mm) W by 3" (75mm) H by 10" (255mm) D. Weight: 7.3 lbs (3.3kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 5500310201039.
Price: $5995. Additional MC input, $1495; additional MM input, $395. Nagra Spike feet (3), add $349. VFS stand and 3 Nagra Spikes, add $1495. Approximate number of dealers: 16.
Manufacturer: Nagra-Kudelski Group, 22 route de GenËve, 1023 Cheseaux-sur Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel: (41) (021) 732-01-01. Web: US distributor: Nagra USA Inc., 357 Riverside Drive, Suite 230C, Franklin, TN 37064. Tel: (615) 726 5191. Fax: (615) 726 5189. Web:

Nagra USA Inc.
357 Riverside Drive, Suite 230C
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 726 5191