A Nagra Event in Chicago

Musical Artisans is proud to host the Nagra HD Line Show on December 6 and 7 in Chicago, with special guest René LaFlamme from Nagra.

A full Nagra HD system including the HD Preamp, HD Amps, and their most recent introduction, the HD DAC X will be playing in the main listening room. Rockport Cygnus loudspeakers and a full suite of Argento Audio cables will reveal the extraordinary magic of these world class components.

In addition to hi res digital files, vinyl will be playing on the exquisite De Baer Saphir turntable with Onyx tonearm, and René will be playing analog tape on his personal Nagra IV-S.

A second system will also be playing with Nagra Classic components, the smaller Rockport Atria loudspeakers, and Organic Audio cabling.

Private listening sessions are being scheduled on Friday, Dec 6th and Saturday, Dec 7th. Food and Beverages will be served during Open House Hours on Saturday from 7:00–9:30pm. Please RSVP as space is limited.

jimtavegia's picture

I like the lab tech look, just wish I could afford their gear.

Archguy's picture

Agreed Jim. It's wicked cool looking!