Music in the Round #53 Rotel RSP-1572: 10 Parametric Filters

Sidebar 1 Rotel RSP-1572: 10 Parametric Filters

Band 120–80Hz1Hz40Hz
Band 220–80Hz1Hz60Hz
Band 381–140Hz1Hz100Hz
Band 481–140Hz1Hz120Hz
Band 5141–200Hz1Hz160Hz
Band 61110–1550Hz 10Hz1300Hz
Band 71560–2000Hz 10Hz1750Hz
Band 82.1–8kHz100Hz4kHz
Band 98.1–14kHz100Hz10kHz
Band 1014.1–20kHz100Hz16kHz

Each filter has a Q adjustable from 1–24 and gain from –12dB to +3dB.

aero9k's picture

The Rotel looks like excellent value.  Any chance you'll be looking at the higher end of the pre/pro spectrum, such as the Levinson or Theta?

Kal Rubinson's picture

The ML is old but the Theta is a possibility.