MSB Platinum Link Plus D/A processor Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Platinum Link Plus Sign-Magnitude Ladder digital-to-analog converter. Inputs: 5 digital, S/PDIF coax, S/PDIF TosLink, AES/EBU, 2 MSB Network, 1 pair balanced (XLR) analog bypass. Outputs: 2 pairs analog output jacks (RCA, XLR). Sampling rate: 32-96kHz input (192kHz via MSB Network). Upsampling ratio: 4x. Interpolation: 8x, 16x. Dynamic range: 136dBA Signal/noise ratio: 136dB. Channel separation: >130dB. THD+noise: 0.006%. Analog outputs at 0dB: 3.6V RMS (RCA), 7.5V RMS.
Dimensions: 17" W by 3.5" H by 14" D. Weight: 36 lbs net.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 15053.
Price: $3995. Approximate number of dealers: 15.
Manufacturer: MSB Technology Corporation, 14251 Pescadero Road, La Honda, CA 94020. Tel: (650) 747-0400. Fax: (650) 747-0405. Web:

14251 Pescadero Road
La Honda, CA 94020
(650) 747-0400