MrSpeakers Aeon closed-back headphones Measurements

Sidebar 3: Measurements

I didn't measure the MrSpeakers Æons' frequency response, as I lack the necessary simulated head and torso, and estimating the optimal response of headphones is far from simple. (Tyll's review includes a full set of acoustic measurements.) However, I used my Audio Precision System One to measure the Æons' impedance and electrical phase with the headphones mounted on my head. The impedance was a constant 13.4 ohms across the audioband, and the phase angle was 0° up to 10kHz, suggesting that each drive-unit behaves as a pure resistor up to that frequency; the slightly positive angle that increases above 10kHz is due to the driver's residual inductance.


Fig.1 MrSpeakers Æon, electrical impedance (solid) and phase (dashed) (2 ohms/vertical div.).

This is a low impedance; the Æons will need to be driven by a headphone output stage capable of delivering enough current into such a load. The Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty D/A processor I used for most of my auditioning has an output impedance of 3 ohms and worked well almost all the time, as did the Naim Uniti Nova (reviewed elsewhere in this issue), which has an output impedance of 0.5 ohm.—John Atkinson

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Graham Luke's picture

I recently auditioned these headphones and was very impressed with them; "rough-sounding"? Well, I must have missed something...

w1000i's picture

I own them, and feel they have more energy at the top , which I like with watching movies، and sometimes I use the pads with some music

Graham Luke's picture

Interesting. Is it straightforward changing the pads? Have you tried the open version of the Aeon?

Rlotzkar's picture

is the bleeding edge of low technology. Yes, they are easy to change.

My only very minor criticism is the headband adjustment doesn't have quite enough friction and will slowly slide out of position.

Wickham's picture

I've had the same problem on the closed aeons. I had to tighten the set screw beyond what I thought reasonable.

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Tony in Michigan

ps. the P20 weighs 105 lbs, costs $10,000 ( $100 per lb. +/- ), it's a different design concept than their P10 and P5.

If it's any good, the lads will have a good feeling about sharing their discoveries.