Montreal Audiofest Reschedules for May, Previous Munich Dates

In a press release issued just a few minutes ago, the organizers of the Montreal Audiofest announced plans to reschedule their postponed show for 15–17 May, the original dates of the now-canceled High End Munich show.

It's a clever solution in a crowded audio show calendar: It's difficult to find dates when potential exhibitors are not already busy. And if all goes as hoped, the Montreal show could benefit from the cancelation of this year's Munich show: Companies that had planned exhibits in Munich could now present them instead in Montreal.

And yet, it is also a bit daring: Will the coronavirus crisis be sufficiently under control by then that Quebec's ban on large gatherings could be lifted?

Below, you'll find the complete statement released by Michel Plante and Sarah Tremblay, the Montreal show's organizers.

In light of the Quebec government's decision to ban all indoor events of more than 250 people, which includes the Montreal audio show which was scheduled to run March 27 - 29, we are working with the Hotel Bonaventure, home of the Montreal Audiofest for the past 11 years, to see if it's possible to reschedule the Montreal show for a date many of you had already reserved for an audio show: May 15 - 17, 2020, the weekend the Munich show was intended to take place.

This new show date is, of course, predicated on the hope that things have returned to relative normalcy, that the COVID-19 corovirus is under control and no longer poses a threat to the general population, and that the government has deemed the situation safe to the point of lifting the ban on gatherings of more than 250 people.

Imagine, a Montreal audio show without snow! (If you were looking forward to the snow, there's always next year. :-))

Stay tuned and stay safe.

Michel & Sarah

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Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

This respected Authority went on the Joe Rogan Show 3 days ago to explain what we as Global Citizens can expect for the balance of this year 2020.

For the most part, our Media Corporations are having us in a Black-Out of accurate knowledge concerning this major health & security Issue.

Joe Rogan has Professor Michael T. Osterholm provide all of us with critically important insights.

This is the only comprehensive explanation being presented to the American Public.

40 and over at risk

Obese at risk ( 45% of our population )

Smokers at risk ( 20% of our population )

Projected fatalities in the 500,000 range.

I hope well for all of us.

Tony in Venice

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All the Stereophile reviewers and most of the Stereophile readers are over the age 40 :-) .......

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We are not yet working with an accurate pathology for this particular Virus.

Our Medical Infrastructure is not in place or organized for this crisis.

We are facing a .1% ( one in one thousand ) to 2% range of possible fatalities. ( the Spanish Influenza had a 2% fatality rate )

Events of 2020 will take a back seat to this Health Crisis Event.

Tony in Venice

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....this ain't gonna happen.