The Montreal Audio Fest Starts Today

The 2019 Montreal Audio Fest has opened at the Hotel Bonaventure across the street from the city's main railway station and even at the opening time of 11am, there was a long queue at the registration desk. The show, which runs until 8pm tonight, 10am–6pm Saturday, and 10am–5pm Sunday, has a theme celebrating both the Woodstock Festival's 50th anniversary and the 50 years since John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's infamous bed-in in Montreal and the Fab Four's last live concert. (There is a Beatles exhibition in the hotel's St. Laurent 2 room.) I will be covering the show live for Stereophile, along with Robert Schryer and Art Dudley. Stay tuned for our reports.

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I will live vicariously through your reports.

Great town !

Go eat at Toque!!!

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And I miss the show from my old hometown. Ever year I promise myself I will drive up and every year plans get in the way. Next year I promiseI will go. Toqué? Yeah, it's good but expensive. Save your money for gear and vinyl and go to Arahova souvlaki or the Main for smoked meat, right across from Schwartz's and better.

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Nothing like some fatty smoked meat and St. Viateur for the long car ride back to NYC. Montreal show is still the best.

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... I presume you meant to write? :-)

A Montrealer

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Nothing but the best. They even ship frozen bags now to NJ/NYC.

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Sorry Montreal, but the the first Bed In in Amsterdam was infamous; your's was a rerun!'s picture

Who said we were first?

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Is there a similar museum in Amsterdam like Musee Grevin Montreal? :-) .........'s picture


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Wikipedia has details about St-Viateur Bagel ........ Wikipedia says "the bagels are boiled in honey water before a stint in a wood-fired oven, which gives the dense, chewy rings a slightly sweet flavor" :-) .......

RS is a lucky man :-) .........