The Monster Cable Press Conference

Monster Cable press conferences are always fun to attend, Noel Lee (left) demonstrating the enthusiasm that I’m sure has been a major contributor to his company’s success in the business. His son, Elbert, who did some of the presentations, looks like a chip of the old block. Sure, Monster's press conferences have a strong blow-your-own-horn element, but that’s true for all press conferences.

And they had a lot of new products to introduce. I’ll leave the description of these products to my colleague, Jason Victor Serinus, whose show report assignment is accessories, but I’ll note that Monster is introducing a line of car-care products.

For the record: the swag from Monster was a Micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable. I don’t have anything that can use this, so I passed on it.

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How is it that you guys even give this character and his company any coverage at all? They are a disgrace to the hobby.

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Monster Cable has NOTHING to do with quality audio even at the beginner level. Noel Lee is the biggest fraud in the industry. He would rather sue others than work hard create a worthy product. Check out Blue jeans Cable .com, then apologize to the audio community for giving this "individual" attention.

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The Monster Turbine range, such as the Pro Gold and Pro Copper is actually well regarded by audio hobbyists tbh. Yes, enough has been said about Monster's cables but really, judge the product, not the brand it's associated with. Pretty ironic I don't see the outcry over the 'boutique cable' manufacturers at CES here. Even Stereophile got tired of seeing the boutique cable makers, which in one article, 'everyone's selling cables'. Monster are actually quite smart in fact with their in-ear range, they got their 'audiophile-oriented' range in the Monster Turbine range and they got the fashion oriented 'celbriphones' for the mainstream. While the audiophile community might cringe at the sight of the Lady Gaga in-ears for example, you can see from a business perspective how Monster's covered their bases. No, I don't work for nor am associated with Monster in anyway. I wouldn't dare buy a Monster cable (nor any 'boutique cable' for that matter, I got a $2000 headphone setup with cables totaling less than $20). What Stereophile are doing is just basic journalistic integrity in giving each audio-related feature at CES equal coverage, regardless of background. While I'm not Stereophile's biggest fan when it comes to their reviews (their 'Reference' scientific articles are fantastic however), I always appreciate their comprehensive coverage of CES each year. One of the best out there, regardless of publication.

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I think BlueJeans cables are outstanding. Proof that high cost does not equal better quality. Give them a shot and be amazed.



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I heard that during the presentation Noel Lee became enraged and threatened to sue his son for taking his surname....