The Momentous Ribbon Cutting

You thought ribbon cutting was simple? Not when the esteemed ribbon cutters—from left to right, David Robinson (Positive Feedback On-Line, in white shirt), Michael Fremer (Stereophile and, Robert Harley (The Absolute Sound), and John Atkinson (Stereophile)—were faced with 1001 photographers, a ribbon that looked as though it was manufactured of industrial-strength mylar, and a giant golden scissors that couldn’t cut its way out of a paper bag. No wonder Bob Levi of the Los Angeles & Orange County Audiophile Society (far left) and show organizer Richard Beers look relieved when the ribbon finally snapped.

With avid photographers arranged in a respectful semi-circle, despite one or two over-eager telephotos lens-toters who were unable to keep it in their pants, the ceremony began. What should have been over almost as soon as it began took a frightful turn toward the final frontier when the ribbon refused to part. Imagine how frustrated those telephoto lenses were, and how flummoxed were subjectivist observers who assumed that it was possible to cut a simple ribbon without double blind verification.

Bottom Line: the show must go on. Thankfully, audio editors are a tenacious lot.

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IM in the pic

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No wonder my camera was purring.  Hope you had a good time. What were your faves?


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... a Go-Pro portable HD camcorder on a head strap. (Don't ask me why.)

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile