Mirage OM-6 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

The Mirage OM-6s were auditioned in a system consisting of the Mark Levinson No.37 CD transport and No.36S D/A converter, Rowland Consummate preamplifier, and either the Carver Lightstar Reference 2.0 or Kinergetics KBA-280 power amplifiers. Interconnecting was via TARA Labs RSC Reference from D/A to preamp, and Cardas Hexlink from preamp to power amp. A long length of TARA Labs RSC Master Generation 2 interconnect was used to drive the OM-6 subwoofers from the preamp. The digital link between the transport and the D/A converter was Kimber AGDL. Loudspeaker cables were Monster M1.5s (top end) and Monster M2.2s (bass) in a bi-wire hookup.

All listening was conducted in my ca 18' by 26' by 11' (WxLxH) listening room. Aside from the wall-to-wall carpeting, the room is acoustically treated with a mixture of RPG Diffusors, ASC Tube Traps and panels, and Wavelength Absorbing Linear Structures (W.A.L.S.) and Wavelength Absorbing Panels (W.A.P.) from System Analysis. (These last two devices perform acoustic absorption/bass-trap functions.)—Thomas J. Norton