The Mighty YG Anat III Signature

For the past few years, Colorado company YG Acoustics has been exhibiting in a large "air-wall" space in the Sands Convention Center. Their reason for doing so was that it was a great place for a new company to get foot traffic, but the downside was that it took heroic efforts to get sound quality that would indicate what YG speakers were capable of. For the 2012 Show, they had moved to a large suite in the Venetian Tower, and finally they were showing what their $119,000/pair flagship, the Anat III Signature, was capable of.

Driven by Tenor monoblocks with a dCS Scarlatti system as source, the 464 lb, 69" tall Anat IIIs, which have improved floor-coupling spikes compared to the speakers I heard at the 2011 RMAF, produced bass that was tight, deep, and powerful, and a natural-sounding, uncolored midrange.

soulful.terrain's picture

Looks like the Tenor Mono's are getting some good floor time at this show.

I can't wait until Atlanta this year! ;-)