Meet the Press

The audiophile press seemed a surprisingly patient bunch. After following the incredibly well indicated signs placed by the Chester Group to the Fourth Floor of the New York Palace, reporters and photographers waited subserviently in a four-person line to receive our press badges. At the counter, Art Dudley, columnist and Editor-at-Large for Stereophile, and Jeff Dorgay, publisher at Tone Audio, chummed it up.

Art and I convened in the pressroom after receiving our programs and badges. While Art strategized his game plan, I checked out the list of seminars, the majority of which were hosted by a dude named Brent Butterworth.

Seconds later, a third member of the press entered what was currently the Stereophile only HQ. He introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Brent Butterworth.”

“Art Dudley.”

“Wow, you are quite different from what I expected!” Butterworth remarked.

“What did you expect?”

“Not someone in suit.”

I wanted to tell Brent I expected him draped in pancakes. Instead, I introduced myself meekly, to which he responded, “Ah yes. I’ve seen your name everywhere.” I got scared. BB is watching.

By 10:06, Art and I could no longer wait for Stereophile human being number three Stephen Mejias and decided to hit the rooms.