Magnepan Tympani I loudspeaker Larry Archibald August 1985

Larry Archibald also commented on the Tympani IVA in August 1985 (Vol.8 No.6):

It wasn't brought out in Steve's review, but one of the major technological steps embodied in the Tympani IVA is a reduction of the midrange diaphragm's thickness from ½ mil to ¼ mil. In my limited auditions of the product, this reduced diaphragm thickness (and mass), results in significantly lower midrange coloration than previous Magneplanar designs; the Tympani is markedly better than the MG-III in this respect. Combined with the superior bass available from the two separate panels, and Magnepan's provision for balancing the ribbon tweeter to different systems, rooms, and tastes, the Tympani IVA sounds like a winner to me. All you need is a large room!

By the way, Magnepan's ribbon tweeter is inherently less durable than their Magneplanar panels, but they have ingeniously made it very easy to replace. And cheap: $25. Magnepan dealers should have them in stock.—Larry Archibald

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