Lyra Etna MC phono cartridge Specifications

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Description: Low-output moving-coil phono cartridge with yokeless dual-magnet system, a cantilever rod of diamond-coated boron, and a Lyra-designed, line-contact stylus with a major radius of 70µm, a minor radius of 3µm. Output voltage: 0.56mV at 5cm/s, zero to peak 45° modulation. Frequency range: 10Hz–50kHz. Channel separation: >35dB at 1kHz. Compliance: 12cu. Recommended VTF: 1.68–1.78gm. Recommended resistive load: 104–887 ohms.
Weight: 9.2gm.
Price: $6995.
Manufacturer: Lyra Co. Ltd. US distributor: AudioQuest. 2621 White Road. Irvine, CA 92614. Tel: (800) 747-2770, (949) 585-0111. Web:

Lyra Co. Ltd
US distributor: AudioQuest
2621 White Road
Irvine, CA 92614
(800) 747-2770

planzity's picture

Excellent review as always. Almost persuading me to purchase. Except that little thing, the seven thousan dollars. Anybody know how much playing time there is expected before internal problems make it necessary to send  unit back with another few thou USD for retipping etc?

JLV's picture

Hi all,

I am the very joyfull user of the new Lyra Etna.

It replaced a Lyra Argo i (and I was already an absolute fan of the last one...)

I am living in the south of France and probably got one of the first Etna to reach our country.

It is set on a full loaded LP12 SE wiith also the embarked Urika pre and of course the racing arm Ekos SE.

(My system is : pre: french hig- end Audiophile technologie "Theroreme 4.S" and californian amp Coda new TSX, cables symetrical Cardas Golden Cross, speakers BW 802 on Dynaris By aktyna)

(around 5 000 pampered LP's)

I never heard my lp's like that! 

The Reiner CSO Sherazade explodes in the room.

The voice of Diana Krall in "quiet nights" on "Boy from Ipanema" or "Walk on by" whispers in your ears as does Leonard Cohen in "Chelsea Hotel n°2".

Gould playing Bach is still alive and invited in your home as does Milstein playing the solo violin "sonatas and Partitas".

Lets not talk of the reeditions of Blue note "Something Else" of Connonball Adderley and Miles( 1595) double LP  45RPM or Miles  KOB Columbia CS8163.

All my records sound also quiet as FLAC (I assume Flac or HR files doesn't make surface noise...) but with this unsurpassed analog sound!

A lot of air between the musicians,beautiful extinctions of the notes.

Loads of energy, presence, and a feeling that everything is easy for this cart.

Didn't find anything yet to criticize!

Every new listening is thrilling!!!

Congratulations and Thank you Mr Carr and all Lyra team!


JLV from Montpellier south of france.