Lyra Atlas MC phono cartridge Specifications

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Description: Low-output moving-coil cartridge. Nominal output: 0.56mV/5cm/s.
Price: $9500.
Manufacturer: Lyra Co. Ltd. Web: US Distributor: AudioQuest, 2621 White Road, Irvine, CA 92614. Tel: (949) 585-0111. Web:

Lyra Co. Ltd.
US Distributor: AudioQuest
2621 White Road
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 585-0111

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    Would y'all report on some more practical carts. Thanks, mr.lee

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Check out the review for the Lyra Kleos, for example, in Vol 34. No. 1 of the print Stereophile.

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Even the Kleos stretches the definition of “practical”. My friends think I’m nuts because my stereo is worth more than my car, and I only have a thousand-dollar cart. And a shitty car. But, priorities, right?
I mean, Mike is testing carts on a Caliburn, lol. I couldn’t afford to retip most of these things, let alone buy one. These reviews serve the same function as porn for most of us.

Well, I have to go clean up now...

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I'm pretty much the same. Truth is my stereo gives me more joy. The car to me is a practical tool.

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To paraphrase Freewheelin’ Franklin, “A stereo will get you through times with no car better than a car will get you through times with no stereo”.