Loudspeakers by Volent

In my posting on Opera Loudspeakers, I wrote about company names, and how they might suggest something about the product and the priorities of a speaker's designer. In the case of Volent Corporation, I must admit to being puzzled. What does this mean? The Dictionary of Difficult Words defines "volent" as "exercising will power." How does a speaker do that? Finally, going through the company's website, I found the following explanation: "the name Volent [is] derived from the phrase, 'Voice of Excellence': signifying not only the quality of reproduced sound but also the vocal appreciation of music lovers."

Whatever the name, the new Volent Paragon VL-3 ($11,000/pair) looks and sounds like a very serious loudspeaker. It's a floorstanding three-way, with twin custom-made tweeters that cover the range from 5–100kHz, a ceramic midrange, and titanium/carbon fiber/polymer foam woofer.

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Easily won the best sound at the show for me.  The Volent's had the best resolution at all volume levels. They displayed a vivid image that surpassed anything I have heard before.

The new VL-3 uses the Accuton ceramic midrange in place of the Jordan that was in the earlier model. 

I bought a pair yesterday.

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I am very interested in the MkII VL-3's. I have a pair of VL-2's at home and really like the resolution at lower levels but feel that they lose their coherence a bit at louder levels; the tweeter becomes so much faster than the low-end.

This is the reason I am intrigued with the new VL-3's. Could you talk about the overall sound in your home environment? 


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